Kazunari Hattori Graphics
Kazunari Hattori

Kazunari Hattori Graphics
Published: 2011/04/11
Price: 定価3,300円/3,000+tax jp yen
ISBN 978-4-416-61110-4

(Text in Japanese)
Hattori Kazunari Graphics
soft cover, 182 pages

“Kazunari Hattori Graphics” contains about 160 selected works of Kazunari Hattori, a multi-disciplinary Japanese graphic designer. Hattori is well-known for his direction of advertising for the Kewpie Corporation and East Japan Railway Company, as well as his art direction for the magazines Mayonaka, Ryuko Tsushin and here and there. He also designs books, exhibition posters, logos, and symbols. His work in the field of corporate identity is notable, having designed the identity of the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum and many other projects.

This book is based on the IDEA Magazine feature article “Kazunari Hattori 100 Page” , though has been expanded to include a number of additional diverse works. A selection of Hattori’s works have been photographed by famed Japanese photographers Takashi Honma and Mikiya Takimoto exclusively for this publication. Essays on Hattori’s work and influence by Masayoshi Nakajo, Nakako Hayashi and Mimi Hachikai are included, as well as annotations on each featured design project by Kazunori Hattori himself.


Kazunari Hattori Graphics
photographed by Takashi Honma

Kazunari Hattori Graphics

“Hattori-san and here and there”
Nakako Hayashi

“The day found a piece of blue”
Mimi Hachikai

Masayoshi Nakajo

by Kazunori Hattori

“Kazunari Hattori: November 2010” at Ginza Graphic Gallery photographed by Mikiya Takimoto