IDEA DOCUMENT On The Shoulders Of Giants
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IDEA DOCUMENT On The Shoulders Of Giants
Published: 2015/04/13
Price: 定価3.300円/3,000+tax jp yen
ISBN 978-4-416-11527-5

(Type Design Issue)
In Japanese+English
297x225mm, soft cover, 374pages
Robin Kinross / Some features of the font explosion
Jean François Porchez : Type design that changed the outlook of Paris
Fred Smeijers : From punchcutting to digital type design
Akira Kobayashi // Originality and Redesign of a Typeface
André Baldinger : Succeeding Experimental Typefaces
LettError // Twin Cities – The typeface represents a city
François Rappo : Didot Elder – Radical Revival of Historical Typefaces
Matthew Carter : Yale University Typeface Project
Typefoundry Today
Andres Janser : Frische Schriften / Fresh Type
Fedra : polyhistorical and synthetic quality in a type face
Ryuichi Tateno // Pirouette : Designing typefaces based on a practice of calligraphy
An Interview with Matthew Carter : The Essences of Type design
Sibylle Hagmann // Dwiggins Revisited
Paul Barnes // The story of the Guardian : typefaces 2003-2005
Ian Lynam // Heft, Gravy, and Swing : The Life & Times of Oswald Cooper
Ian Lynam // John Downer : Type Designer, Sign Painter, Gilder, Artist, Writer, and Critic
Helmut Schmid // “sans serif does not represent the final stage” karl gerstner international designer, artist and author new books and a new typeface
Critical development of sans serifs — Replica, New Rail Alphabet, Neutral
FUSE 1-20 From Invention to Antimatter: Twenty years of FUSE

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