Nihongo Katsuji Monogatari (a story of Japanese typefaces)
Hiroshi Komiyama

Nihongo Katsuji Monogatari (a story of Japanese typefaces)
Published: 2009/01/19
Price: 定価2,640円/2.400+tax jp yen
ISBN 978-4-416-60902-6

Author: Hiroshi Komiyama
148 x 210 mm, 272 pages, 2009
(Text in Japanese)


1. Shozo Motogi and Tomiji Hirano who survived a Shipwreck.
2. The arrival of Minchotai: William Gamble came to Nagazaki
3. Relocations of the American Presbyterian Mission Press in Shanghai
4. The Standardization of Kana typeface by the Tsukiji type-foundry
5. Ever-increasing amounts of Chinese characters
6. Chinese character code point in 19th century
7. Mixed composition using Japanese and English character during the late Edo and Meiji period
8. Anonymous punch-cutters
9. The development of Ligature Kana typefaces (Renmen-tai)
10. The pros and cons of Characters formed by the Divisible type