TRIP TO JAPAN GRAPHICS: TOKYO Design Tanbo Must-Visit Design Destinations in TOKYO

TRIP TO JAPAN GRAPHICS: TOKYO Design Tanbo Must-Visit Design Destinations in TOKYO
Published: 2021/1/12
Price: 定価1,760円/1,600+tax jp yen
ISBN 9784416620182

TRIP TO JAPAN GRAPHIC is a series of bilingual guidebooks that allows readers to explore Japan’s visual culture with the help of art and design professionals. Destinations are organized onto maps that focus on different areas of Tokyo, and within each area, they are organized by theme. In this rst volume, the editors of IDEA, a design magazine founded in 1953, recommend design museums, galleries, design spots, and stores in Tokyo. These destinations are divided into eight areas. For each destination, we have included recommendations from graphic designers, and design professionals from Japan and abroad. In addition to our list of recommended design galleries and stores where you can discover the latest designs and masterpieces, the book also includes tips on how to enjoy the artwork, exhibition spaces, and museum architecture from a design-oriented perspective.

We also included a map inside the cover that allows you to browse the listed facilities at once. Unfold the map and consider a new trip, or a new route to explore the city in your own way. We invite you to go out, with this book in your hand, and discover a new side of Tokyo.

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Kenya Hara
Chiharu Watabe
Ian Lynam
Asami Sato
Yusuke Nakajima
Sakura Nomiyama
Takeo Nakano
Haruka Misawa
Dainippon Type Organization
Kiyonori Muroga
Yasuhito Nagahara
Kensaku Kato

Title: TRIP TO JAPAN GRAPHIC: TOKYO Design Tanbo Must-Visit Design Destinations in TOKYO
Edit: IDEA
Illustration: Chieko Kogure
Translation: Nuance Translation(Erica Sakai)
Size: A5 deformation, 160 pages
Price: 1,600+tax
ISBN: 978-4-416-62018-2