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Yellow Pages (E-book)

This book is an E-book of eight series from “Yellow Pages” which featured Asian graphic designers on the Japanese graphic design magazine IDEA. This book will give you the case studies of Asian young designers and will let you know the “now” of Asian graphic design developed together with globalization.

*This book is written in both Japanese and English

Author:Tetsuya Goto / Design:Sulki & Min

“Asia” originally means “the east” – the countries and areas located in an easterly direction (and far away) from the European cultural sphere. “Asia”, in other words, conveniently lumps all non-European countries and areas together. We Japanese define the region we live in with this word and its western point of view, yet we still have no grasp of its true meaning. The same goes for the words “design” and “typography”. We still don’t have an appropriate translation for threse western concepts. Yet there have been diverse design translation trials in terms of style, and Japanese design has been born of these. But, what of other “Asian” countries? Asians (including Japanese) that have experienced historical discontinuity through defeat or colonization and henceforth globalization, have consequentially become culturally schizophrenic with a mix of their own culture and western or contemporary culture. How then, do they try to translate and connect these cultures? This new series in IDEA, “Yellow Pages”, selects a designer who is from a major Asian city, started their career in the late 1990s with the spread of the Internet, and introduces “other” graphic design in “Asia” through their perspective. (from Chapter1)

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■ Contents

Chapter1: Hong Kong – Javin Mo

Chapter2: Taipei – Aaron Nieh

Chapter3: Beijing – Xiao Mage & Cheng Zi

Chapter4: Seoul – Na Kim

Chapter5: Bangkok – Santi Lawrachawee

Chapter6: Ho Chi Minh City – Giang Nguyen

Chapter7: Singapore – Foreign Policy Design Group

Chapter8: Review


Tetsuya Goto

Designer. Director of OOO Projects. Teaching Literature Arts and Cultural studies at Kindai University. Involved mainly in research surrounding graphic design; also participates in Inter Graphic View researching graphic design in non-Western spheres, as a visiting researcher at HFBK (Germany). Experienced in exhibitions related to graphic design, in charge of planning Fragments of Graphism with Kiyonori Muroga. Currently working on an exhibition at ddd Gallery for Yellow Pages, a series featured in IDEA.


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kyoto ddd gallery The 216th Exhibition Graphic West

April 10, 2018 – June 23, 2018

design by Sulki & Min

This time, the kyoto ddd gallery will be holding the “Graphic West 7: Yellow Pages” exhibition. “Graphic West” is a series of exhibitions that we’ve held since our Osaka days where we broaden our outlook beyond Kansai to the rest of Asia.