Design History: Bridge


First appearance

IDEA Magazine No.1 (1953-07-01) p82


text by Takashi Miyayama

Advertising and commercial art world in Japan is lately becoming very active. Useful informations and literatures of foreign countries are now easy of access. Much had been talked about advertising activities in Europe and in the United States by those who returned from their visit there.
Through these incentive knowledge the works of our artists are becoming much better in their
Demand is increasing for the presentation of the works of our artists to representative commercial art publications in every country and we are busy complying with these requests.
The purpose of our IDEA magazine is, for one thing, to introduce foreign art works and interesting articles in cooperation with foreign publications and, for another, to let the people of the world know about the advertising activities in this country.
We are pleased to send the initial issue of this magazine to the publications which gave us very valuable information in the making of IDEA magazine. Here we also wish to extend our gratitude for their courtesy.