Throwback IDEA #384


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Yui Takada: Figure and Attitude

This special feature presents the activities of Tokyo-based graphic designer Yui Takada. The first part of this feature, “Figure”, will focus on a number of Takada’s commissioned graphic design works, including the ones produced by Allright Graphics, established in 2006, which focuses on logo design, branding, and printed matter. In the following year, he established the letterpress printing studio Allright Printing and started the music label Allright Music in 2017.

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In the second half of this feature, “Attitude”, the designer’s “figure” will be further discussed by those familiar with his approach and thought process: the clients who commissioned his design work and art direction as well as his colleagues and fellow supporters.

cover of program

This issue also brings part 7 of “Atlases: Visualizing the ecological Conception of the World: Émile Cheysson and Graphical Statistics Album Feedback Mechanism of the National State”; an introduction to Taiwanese artist LEE KAN KYO’s work (“SUPER IMITATION”); and a feature on “Practice New Approach for Hanzi and Exhibition”, an exhibition of posters by more than 100 East Asias designers using Chinese characters. Following that, the article on Guillaume Apollinaire, titled “Guillaume Apollinaire and the Calligrammes: Poems of Peace and War 1913-1916” brings a in-bound supplement containing the Japanese translation of the poet’s calligrammes. The issue wraps up with a report on “Tao of Book Design: A Forty Years Journey of Book Design by Lu Jingren”, AGI Open Mexico City’s two-day conference, and “The World of Igarashi Takenobu” exhibition.

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