IDEA magazine001

IDEA No.001
Published: 1953/7

Cover: K. Ito

Graphic Arts:
Posters in Switzerland
On Raymond Savignac by H. Hara
On Paul Rand by Y. Kamekura
Advertising art in Japan
M. Shigenari, A. Yamana, Y. Yamashiro, T. Kono, T. Ohashi, Y. Hayakawa, T. Miyanaga, T. Sawamura, K. Ito, S. Imatake, K. Kuriyagawa, T. Ujihara, Y. Nakada, N. Ochiai
Choshi Soy-sauce Mfg. Co. Morinaga Confectionery Co.
You can smile at these humorous arts by Hiroshi Ohchi
Vision and design of abstraction by Masaru Katsumi
Round-up of the World’s Posters by Takashi Miyayama
Prize winners of 1952 Poster Competition

From chairman to readers by K. Ogawa, chairman
Bridge by T. Miyayama
Advertising in America I observed by S. Arai
Let’s organize Art Director’s Club by M. Fujimoto
Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins
Follow the Path I Walked Along by I. Nomoto
I Like Coke by E. B. Weiss

Kenji Ito Born in 1915, Tokyo. One of the leading designers in Japan who pioneered the early Japanese graphic design world since the pre-war period to that of the economic growth. His representative works include cover design of Aeroplane magazine, Medical magazine and CI works for Canon, Nestle. Died in 2001.