IDEA magazine004

IDEA No.004
Published: 1954/1

Editor: Takashi Miyayama
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover: Eugenio Carmi

Italian Advertising Arts by Lorenzo Manconi
Erberto Carboni
Marcello Nizzoli
Eugenio Carmi
Franco Grignani
Bruno Munari
Giovanni Pintori
Rossetti Gian
Max Huber

Givanni Pintori
Erberto Carboni
Eugenio Carmi
Franco Grignani
Rossetti Gian
Kenji Itoh (Ad for Sankyo Pharmaceutical Co.)
Yusaku Kamekura (Ad for Nippon Brewery Co.)
Getting a New Angle on the American Aesthetics by Shichiro Imatake
Ayao Yamana’s Individual Exhibition by S. Arai
Graphic Arts Exhibition by T. Miyayama
Japan Advertising Arts Exhibition by I. Shiibashi

Italian Artists and Their Works by H. Ohchi, Y. Kamekura
The Essential of Visual Design by K. Tsukada
Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins
How Brief? by Aesop Glim’s Clinic
Function of Art Director by K. Endo
Copy Capsules by K. Endo
Advertising Must Dig Deeper into Social Today by Pierre Martineau
The Sale I Never Forgot by C. E. Becker
Beware Trite Expression in Art, too by Stephen Baker

Eugenio Carmi
Designer, painter, illustrator, textile designer. Born in Genoa, Italy, 1920. Studied chemical engineering and attended the school of Arts & Crafts in Zurich, and the Art academy in Genoa. From 1958 to ’65 worked as AD for steel conglomerate Italsider. He also researched visual communication. His research culminated in SPEC(automatic imaging system) in 1966. In 2000 he collaborated with Unberto Eco in the exhibition ‘Modern Fables’.