IDEA magazine010

IDEA No.010
Published: 1955/3

Editor: Takashi Miyayama
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Herbert Bayer

Graphic Arts
Herbert Bayer by Y. Kamekura
Two Comparative Artists by K. Takahashi
This Word “Fashion” by S. Imatake
Travel Posters of Japan by T. Miyayama
Industrial Design Training at Pratt Institute by H. Ohchi
Profile of Designer by Y. Kamekura
Countries I Visited and Artists I Met by H. Ohchi

Color Pages
Herbert Bayer
Advertising in Europe by H. Ohchi
Japan Industrial Bank by M. Watanabe

Talk of the Word IDEA by S. Ogawa
An Artist’s Viewpoint on Travel Posters by F. Yamana
Divergent Paths by T. Kubo
Longing for a Young Illustrator by H. Tomura
A Studio in a Park by T. Koyama
An Invitation to Photography by R. Yamashiro
Akira Nakao (illustrator) by M. Okuda
Chihiro Iwasaki (illustrator) by M. Kawasaki
Illustration in Newspaper Advertisement by H. Mukai
How the Trade Character Is Made by S. Doikawa
Basic Factors That Make for Salability of Packaged Goods by Printer’s Ink
Editor’s Note by T. Miyayama

Herbert Bayer
Born in Haag, Austria, in 1990. He was a student at the Bauhaus Weimar. having first joined the mural workshop under Wassily Kandinsky. From 1925 to ’28, he was a master of the workshop for graphic design and printing the bauhaus, which meantime had moved to Dessau. He was art director of ‘Vogue’ in Berlin. He left for U.S.. He worked in association with his friend Walter Gropius to design the exposition ‘Bauhaus 1918-28’ at MoMA. Died in 1985.