IDEA magazine011

IDEA No.011
Published: 1955/5

Editor: Takashi Miyayama
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Tadashi Ohashi

Graphic Arts
A Life Work by H. Sugiura
Design Education in Zurich by H. Ohchi
Practical Plan of an Exhibition by K. Hasegawa
Second Annual Show of Graphic Designers Group by K. Ito
The Works of Alner
K. Suganuma vs. T. Miyanaga by K. Takahashi
Young Designers Graduating from College

Color Pages
Design Education in Zurich
Matsuzakaya Department Store by T. Miyanaga
Harris Chewing Gum by H. Ohchi

An Observation Car Named Advertising Vol. 2 by S. Kanemaru, T. Miyanaga
Poememo by Y. Urukawa
Random Thoughts on P. R. by A. Sakamoto
It’s Hard to Analyze the Ad Effect by I. Tsuda
Soap-box By the Candidate for Dietman by S. Ohashi
A Story of Curtain by Y. Hayakawa
Advertising Campaign Tour for Travel by K. Kuriyagawa
Characteristics of Circle and Triangle by T. Miyayama
Premium As a Sales Promotion by Printer’s Ink