IDEA magazine013

IDEA No.013
Published: 1955/10

Editor: Takashi Miyayama
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover: Hiromu Hara

Graphic Arts
AGI Exhibition in Paris by H. Kaido
Reproduction of AGI Exhibition Leupin, Lewitt-Him, Giusti, Savignac, Villemot, Monnerat, Carlu
The Best 10 Posters of the World
For the Establishment of Modern Design by K. Takahashi
Five-Men Show of Commercial Design by S. Arai

Color Pages
Poster of FUJI Cigaret H. Ohchi
Reproduction of AGI Exhibition by Leupin, Lewitt-Him, Giusti, Savignac, Villemot, Monnerat, Carlu
Reproduction of Five-Men Show by Ito, Hayashi, Nakamura, Masuda, Aoki

Why Has Advertising Copy Become a Topic for Discussion? by K. Endo
Raymond Loewy and His Impression by S. Kinugasa
New Look of Display by Printer’s Ink
Prize Designs Awarded By New York Art Director’s Club
Editor’s Note

Hiromu Hara
Born in 1901, Nagano. Graduated from Tokyo Kogei High School. He had been a leader of early Japanese graphic design. He was an earliest pioneer with clear view on graphic design with multiple use of printing , photography and typography. He left important works of book design and poster in 40s and 50s. He took important roles in significant events in the history of Japanese design. Died in 1986.