IDEA magazine018
Works of Designers in Hokuriku District

IDEA No.018
Published: 1956/8

Cover Design:Leo Lionni

Leo Lionni
Erick Buchergger
Poster Series of Air France
1956 Vacation Poster Contest
Exhibition Stands
Graphic Designers Group Show
Here’s Born Sumitomo-ism M. Toyoda
Works of Designers in Hokuriku District
History of Western Fine Arts Vol. 3 H. Hara
Terrorism in humor S. Imatake
Brief History of Fine Arts in Japan Vol. 4 A. Yamana
Advertising and Package
Local News
Editor’s Note T. Miyayama

Leo Lionni
Born in Amsterdam, 1910. He took his ph.D in Economics at the university of Genoa. He is self-taught as an artist. He went to U.S in 1939. To 1947, he was art director with various companies. For the next two years, he was in Europe for painting and studying. After he returned to U.S, he became art director of ‘Fortune’ magazine. He also designed for MoMA, Olivetti, etc. In the mid 50s he became co-editor of ‘Print’, contributing for international relationship of designers. He was also known for many children books. Died in 1999.