IDEA magazine020

IDEA No.020
Published: 1956/12

Editor: Takashi Miyayama
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover design: E. Carboni

Graphic Arts
Erbert Carboni (Italy)
Disneyland by T. Kobayashi
Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Public Corp. Poster Exhibition
Publicity Activities of Stedelik Museum
Gottfried Honegger
Nika-kai Arts Exhibition
Visual Design Show
First Printed Sign Ever Made in Japan by A. Ikeda

Color Pages
Erberto Carboni

History of Western Fine Arts Vol. 4 by H. Hara
Brief History of Japanese Fine Arts Vol. 6 by A. Yamana
Three Boxes by S. Imatake
Designers of the World I’ve Met by K. Ueda
How to Write Creative Advertising by Printer’s Ink
Editor’s Note

Erberto Carboni
Born in Parma, Italia in 1899. He started his career as an architect. After WWII he worked as a graphic designer, designing display of exhibition and advertisement, too. After his long experience in architecture and graphic design, he changed his direction to painting. His representative writings include ヤEsposizione a Mostreユ with foreword by Herbert Bayer and ヤLa Grecia in sognoユ presented by Jean Cocteau. Died in 1984.