IDEA magazine023

IDEA No.023
Published: 1957/6

Editor: Takashi Miyayama
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: M. Leibowitz

Graphic Section
Piero Fornasetti
Matthew Leibowitz
Fritz Bühler
An Advertisement in the Classic Style
Packages from Denmark by Erik Stockmarr
Fritz Bühler
Graduation Work By the Students of 8 Universities
Designers in Sanyo District

Color Section
Matthew Leibowitz
Fritz Bühler

Editorial Section
History of Western Fine Arts Vol. 6 by H. Hara
Dived and Hidden Lines by S. Imatake
Want Better Animated TV Spots? by Frank Tuttle
Fundamentals of TV Advertising
38 Steps to Successful Radio Advertising
When Is the Right Time to Change Your Package? by Saul Nesbitt
Local News
Editor’s Note by T. Miyayama

Matthew Leibowitz
Matthew Leibowitz attended evening classes at the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art while he worked in a design studio during the day. He was Art Director of the Philadelphia Advertising Agency before setting up as a freelance advertising artist. From 1942 he art directed and consulted for several firms including IBM, RCA Victor, Sharp and Dohme, Spalding and others. Died in 1974.