IDEA magazine024
Pharmaceutical Advertising Design

IDEA No.024
Published: 1957/8

Editor: Takashi Miyayama
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Jurg Hamburger

Graphic Section
J. R. Geigy A. G., Basel
E. Merck Pharmaceutical Co.
Sankyo Co., Japan
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. [Japan]
Shionogi & Co., Japan
Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Japan
Sumitomo Chemical Industry Co., Japan
Upjohn, Co., U.S.A.
Dompe Pharmaceutical Co.
Jan le Witt
TOKAI-District Designers

Color Section
Karl Gerstner, Enzo Rösli, Max Schmid, Andreas His, Jürg Hamburger
Fischer-Nosbish, Erich Buchegger
Tokai District Designers

Editorial Section
Brief History of Japanese Commercial Arts Vol. 8 by A. Yamana
Experiment on Emphatic Presentation of Brand by E. Kawasaki
Ihei Kimura: Started as a Commercial Photographer by H. Ohta
Steel Skeleton in Modern Mood by S. Imatake
It’s a Contest, Game, Catalog, Ad; All in One by Printer’s Ink
Local News
Editor’s Note by T. Miyayama