IDEA magazine033

IDEA No.033
Published: 1959/2

Cover Design:E. Buchegger

Typographic design in U.S.A. Yusaku Kamekura
Exhibition of Japanse advertising art in Austria Hiroshi Ohchi
Hans Haderek
The Nika Commercial Art Exhibition
P.R. of W. S. Crawford’s exhibitions
Typographic design in America
Hans Haderek
The Nika Art Exhibition
Trends of commercial photograph K. Tsukada
Photograph and design M. Katsui
The neutral form S. Imatake
Brief history of Japanese commercial art A. Yamana
New packaging concepts sell and satisfy Printer’s Ink
Editor’s note

Erick Buchergger
Born in Lintz, Austria, in 1924. First aspired to musician, but changed his mind and started painting in 1946. After learning at Lintz art and craft school, he decided his profession as graphic designer.