IDEA magazine035

IDEA No.035
Published: 1959/6

Editor: Takashi Miyayama
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Hans Haderck

Graphic Section
New vision of photograph by K. Fukuda
Magazine advertisements of Bertolli House by E. Carboni
Letter-sheet in the world
Abstract art of Eugenio Carmi
LIFE’s blinking sign by H. Hara
Art school in London by E. Emori
1959 College graduating students’ art exhibition
Tokyo Art University, Kyoto University of Art, Chiba University, Tokyo University of Education, Kanazawa Art Polytechnic Univ., Musashino Fine Art College, Tama Fine Art College, Aichi Art University

Color Section
E. Carboni
Letter-sheet in the world
E. Carmi
LIEFE’s blinking sign

Critique on newspaper ads by K. Tsukada
The letterhead by S. Imatake
How to make an animation by I. Shiibashi
Graphic arts revolution by Printer’s Ink
The process of mass acceptance by Modern Packaging
Editor’s note by T. Miyayama

Hans Haderek
Born in Berlin, 1921. He learned his skill in the publicity department of a motion picture company. In 1950-52, he worked at the technical collage of Stuttgart. In 1952-54, worked at Verlag Gert Hatje. From 1954, He became a freelancer in Stuttgart. His main fields included prospectus, posters, ads and others.