IDEA magazine037

IDEA No.037
Published: 1959/10

Cover Design:Fred Jordan

Contemporary Brazilian Graphic Art Fred Jordan
7 Graphic Designers
Aaron Burns
Graphic art of Japan
Brazillian Graphic Art
7 Graphic Designers
Aaron Burns
Problem in advertising art prior to designing Takachiyo Uemura
Creating in advertising design Kan Tsukada
Animated Paper Sculpture Shichiro Imatake
Year’s top package: Designer use subtle imagery to win sales
Designs by Loewy: From packages to modern stores that sell them
Editor’s note Takashi Miyayama

Fred Jordan
Born in Europe, 1927, immigrated to Brasil, 1936. Autodidact. Worked in an advertising studios and some year as freelance. Art director at L.Niccolini, one of the first printing shops in South-America.