IDEA magazine040
Feature on CBS TV Network

IDEA No.040
Published: 1960/4

Editor: Takashi Miyayama
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Günter & Gisela Dongowski

Graphic Arts
Feature on CBS TV Network
Georg Olden
William F. Bunce
Gunter and Gisela Dongowski
20th Century Design: USA
Xalco, Brazilian Graphic Designer
Piero Fornasetti, Nieman-Marcus Award Winner
Doorway to Brasilia
Chromoluz, new material for packaging

Color Reproductions
Gunter and Gisela Dongowski
Zoltan Zalco
Packaging with Chromolux

Free trade and problems of design by T. Uemura
Talking Design (No.20) by S. Imatake
Trip to Europe by I. Hasegawa
How women buy by Printers’ Ink
Editor’s note

Gunter & Gisela Dongowski
Gunter was born in Lotzen, Eastern Prussia, in 1923; and Gisela in Wattenscheid, Westphalia, in 1925. Both of them were classmate at the State Academy of Fine Art in Stuttgart. They studied graphic design for 6 years there. After graduate they married and since then have combined to form of team.Their design of package of soup, thread and medicine are regarded as high quality.