IDEA magazine070

IDEA No.070
Published: 1965/4

Editor: Noboru Sakamoto
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Shichiro Imatake

Peter Gee and his Experimental Graphic Design
Contemporary Graphic Designers in Chicago, 1964
Armando Testa, Poster Designer
Cristos Gianakos, Graphic Designer
Shichiro Imatake, Japanese Designer
Typomundus 20

Shichiro Imatake
Born in Kobe, 1907. He started painting and design after learning under Shigeyoshi Hayashi and influence of Massimo Campigli. In 1927 He entered the ad section of Daimaru department store, then Takashimaya department store. He had been active in Kansai district, establishing his style. He was one of the leading figure in the very early stage of Japanese design world. He also designed packages of daily commodities which still have been popular in Japanese. Died in 2000.