IDEA magazine071

IDEA No.071
Published: 1965/6

Editor: Noboru Sakamoto
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Etienne Delessert

Illustrator, Etienne Delessert
5 Up-and-Coming Designers, from A to Z
Everett Aison
Frank Attardi
Tom Huestis
Roger Zimmerman
Joan Stoliar
Christmas Cards ’65
Illustrator, Aran E. Cober
Illustrator, Andre Francois
La Belle Epoque
London Transport Posters
N. Y. ADC ’65 and Illustration ’65
Bruno Munari
Co-ordinated Design Style
Graduation Work of Graphic Art Students for 1965

Etienne Delessert
Born in Lausanne, Switzerland. Received classical education. After getting his B.A., entered the studio of Maurice and Nicole Maffei in Lausanne, with whom he worked for 3 years. This apprenticeship allowed him to become a graphic designer familiar with all aspect of advertising. In 1960 he produced his first film for Swiss Red Cross. After that he is active as illustrator on his own account.