IDEA magazine073

IDEA No.073
Published: 1965/11

Cover Design:Aubrey Beardsley

Typographica Herbert Spencer
Aubrey Beardsley Rene Elvin
Illustrator Soul Mandel
The 5th APA Exhibition Koen Shigemori
Theme and Variations The Plate exhibition of P. Fornasetti
Typographer Morris Lebowitz
Dick Bergeron, a dark horse at Doyle Darn Bernbach Tadahisa Nishio
Co-ordinated design style
New York Hilton Hotel Lester Beall
The Oriental Hotel, Kobe Midori Imatake
The 8th Biennale Middelheim Antowerpen Paul Ibou
The 30th Business Show Hiroshi Ohchi
Exhibition “&” and The World of Shigeo Fukuda Makoto Wada
Animation of Ford Motor Cars Ko Watanabe

Aubrey Beardsley
Born in Brighton, in 1872. He was a son of jeweler. When he was 19, he visited the studio of Sir Edward Burne-Jones, who recommend him to enter the West Minster School of Art. His main work was drawing of novels including ‘Morte d’ Arthur’ and ‘Salome’. But he was also art director of magazine, ‘Yellow Books’ and ‘The Savoy.’ In 1898, his lung disiese became bad and died when he was 25.