IDEA magazine076
Geigy Chemical Corporation's Visual Communication

IDEA No.076
Published: 1966/5

Editor: Noboru Sakamoto
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Bob Peak

Geigy Chemical Corporation’s Visual Communication
Visual Design of Geigy Chemical by Hiroshi Ohchi
Contemporary Design Approach for a Chamical Enterprise by Fred Troller
Illustrator Bob Peak by Yusuke Nakahara
Illustrator Tom Daly
Illustrator James Grashow
Illustrator Kenneth Dallison
AGI Exhibition by F. H. K. Henrion
The Moral Mission of the AGI by Heiri Steiner
Visual Design of Sandro Bocola
Greeting Card of Today by Akiko Hyuga
Turkish Advertising and the Eczacibasi Company

Bob Peak
Born in 1927, Denver, Colorado. Studied at Wichita State University and Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles. One of America’s most prolific and respected illustrators and painters. His credits spread the gamut from fashion to sports, from postage stamps to fine art and through some of the most notable movie posters to have ever existed. His poster works include ‘Apocalypse Now’, ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Superman’. Died in 1992.