IDEA magazine077

IDEA No.077
Published: 1966/7

Cover Design:Graphicteam

Graphicteam Hiroshi Ohchi
Illustrator Clif Condak Akiko Hyuga
Illustrator Douglas Gorsline
Illustrator Al Hirschfeld
Illustrator Jerome Martin
On Herb Lubalin Tadahisa Nishio
Individualism squelchers Herb Lubalin
Fifteen Award Winning Type Face Design
German Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Rene Elvin
British Poster Design Awards 1964/65
Graduation Work of Graphic Art Students for 1965
Young American Designers in Tokyo

Established in 1964, in Köln. The four founders of this company, Hans Buschfert, Siegfried Himmer, Binfried Holz, Hainz Rippert, were born in the late period of 1930’s, and originally designer or photographer in Bayer AG. They worked in the field of commercial art, photography, design and publicity campaign as well.