IDEA magazine080
From “Young Designers 6” [sic]

IDEA No.080
Published: 1967/1

Editor: Noboru Sakamoto
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Giancarlo Marchi

From “Young Designers 6” [sic]
Mary Lou Kirby
Bruce Danbrot
Seldon Dix
David JaffeII Type Face Design Competition 1965-66
Herb Lubalin’s Typographic Posters
Felix Beltran
Giancarlo Marchi
Five ADs of DDB, Los Angeles
Roland Topor
Design Show ’66 of Tokyo Commercial Artists Association
Commercial Art of Nika Exhibition 98

Giancarlo Marchi
Studied his major art at Perugia Art School. After graduated from the school, he carried on his study not only in Italy, but also at various ad agencies, stores, firms in foreign countries, including a trip to Tokyo in 1961 to collaborate with Dentsu.