IDEA magazine091
Graphic Designers in Brno

IDEA No.091
Published: 1968/11

Editor: Noboru Sakamoto
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Takashi Mizuno

Graphic Designers in Brno
Jan Rajlich
Eva Grabmullerova
Milos Slezak
Miroslav Holek
Ivan Soukup
Jiri Hadlac
Lecture in Zurich, Spring 1967 by Leonard Sirowitz
Thoughts on Art, Illusion, Fashion and our Times by Cliff Condak
Photographer Ken Korsh
A book of marches by Crosby / Fletcher / Forbes
Robert Reitzfeld
The Sandman by Ken’ichi Matsunaga
Illustration Takashi Mizuno
Nippon and Design The 2nd Japanese heague of National Commercial Artists Exhibition

Takashi Mizuno
Born in Osaka, in 1933. During his school days at Tama Fine Arts College, he always used to draw only faces of females with Anna Cosmetics as a theme. His outstanding illustration drew special attention of Ayao Yamana, who was teaching at the college and also was an adviser to Shiseido Co. Graduated in 1955, he joined Shiseido on Yamana’s advice. His illustration are evaluated as Ukiyoe in present-day.