IDEA magazine092
The 3rd Biennale of Graphic Design in Brno

IDEA No.092
Published: 1969/1

Cover Design:Tadanori Yokoo

The 3rd Biennale of Graphic Design in Brno
Yoshio Hayakawa’s Unique Exhibition Takachiyo Uemura
Portfolio: Mark Dorian
Portfolio: William K. Wurtzel
Rovert Rosetzky and his work Hiroshi Ohchi
Alberto Di Mauro Akiko Hyuga
Portfolio: Miriam Schottland
Commercial Art of 53th Nika Exhibition
Solid Presentation of Planeness / Shigeo Fukuda’s OnemanExhibition Ikko Tanaka
8th Exhibition of Advertising Photographers Association
Tadanori Yokoo’s Great Betting Yusaku Kamekura

Tadanori Yokoo
He was born in 1936 in Nishiwaki in Hyogo Prefecture. In the 1950s he began working as a graphic designer. In the middle of the 60s he created his own original style, a blend of Japanese ethnicity and Kitsch. In the 70s his works took a new direction, reflecting his interest in the spiritual world. Since 1981, he has mainly worked as a painter and has energetically produced his works while designing posters.