IDEA magazine093

IDEA No.093
Published: 1969/3

Editor: Noboru Sakamoto
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Tsunehisa Kimura

Pierre Boucher by Kouen Shigemori
Ruiz / Mosquera / Shakespear
Piero Fornasetti
Type on Canvas by Bernard Weil
John Fraioli
Mexico 68
Illustrator Ron Chereskin
Patrick V. Norado
On Kazumasa Nagai’s Exhibition by Ryuichi Yamashiro
An Interesting Designer, Tsunehisa Kimura by Yusaku Kamekura
What happened to Volvo?

Tsunehisa Kimura
Born in Osaka, 1928. Graduated from Osaka City Kogei High School in 1948. After working for Toru Sawamura Studio, Yuasa Battery, entered Nippon Design Center in 1960. While his early works were of geometrical modern style, he shifted into photomontage from late ’60s under influence of John Hartfield. His works are known for their sarcastic style as well as those of cosmic. He is also know as critic with writings on advertisement and communication.