IDEA magazine094
George Tscherny and His Works

IDEA No.094
Published: 1969/5

Editor: Noboru Sakamoto
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Akira Uno

George Tscherny and His Works
Alain Pontecorvo
The Mead Library of Ideas and the Mobile Corporate Identity Exhibit
Simmons’ Beautyrest Campaign by Y & R by Tadahisa Nishio
Collage, Ryuichi Yamashiro Art Exhibition by Yusuke Kaji
Greeting Card & Calender ’69
’68 Tokyo Commercial Artist’s Association Design Show
Akira Uno’s Baroque Taste by Yusaku Kamekura
Exhibition of Yoshitaro Isaka

Akira Uno
Born in Nagoya, 1934. Graduated from Nagoya City Industrial Arts High School in 1952. He won Grand Prix of JAAC exhibition 1956. In 1960, he entered Nippon Design Center, In 1964, he founded a design firm Ill Fill with Tadanori Yokoo and Tsunao Harada, but broke up in 1965. He founded his own studio Studio Re. His dark and romantic imagery were an icon of Japanese 60’s sub culture. He has been active in various fields like ad, illustration, fashion and thetar play ever.