IDEA magazine099
JAAC 19th Exhibition

IDEA No.099
Published: 1970/3

Editor: Noboru Sakamoto
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Makoto Wada

JAAC 19th Exhibition
Joseph Domjan’s Color Woodcut
Ron Rae
“Techiniques of Typography” by Cal Swann
Ginger Tillley
Japan’s Strangeness in Makoto Wada
Raul L. Shakespear
Tadanori Yokoo and His Works by Paul Davis

Makoto Wada
Born in Osaka, 1936. He was early interested in cartoons under influence of artists like Steinburg, Leupin and Savignac. He entered Tama Collage of Art and won grand prix for his poster design with collaboration with Koichiro Inagaki at the 1959 JAAC exhibition. In 1958, he entered Light Publicity, Inc. Since then he has won many awards from various design competitions while working in films, magazines and books. His simple and urban style has influenced many illustrators.