IDEA magazine106

IDEA No.106
Published: 1971/5

Editor: Noboru Sakamoto
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Makoto Nakamura

Dali ……and the Posters of Great Master’s Painting of the French National Railways by Georges Martina
Minale, Tattersfield, Provinciali Limited by Hiroshi Ohchi
Alan Cracknell by Shin’ichi Kusamori
International Typeface Corporation by Yasaburo Kuwayama
Linda Kaye Recker
Herbert Danska
A typical showcase of environmental design by Jean Claude Maugirard by Midori Imatake
Tokyo Commercial Artists Association’s 6th Design Show
Brattinga’s Planning for industry art & education
Aaron Bohrod of Still Life by Akiko Hiuga
Berthold Standard “Standard Specimen No. 473” by Hiromu Hara
Mona Lisa’s hundred smiles by Makoto Nakamura and Shigeo Fukuda
Tourism Poster for Kyushu, Japan

Makoto Nakamura
Born in Morioka in 1926. He graduated from the Tokyo Art College. In 1949, he joined the advertising division of Shiseido Co, where he has been the chief of the production division, an advisor for the company. He received many prizes at home and abroad. With Shigeo Fukuda, he did an exhibition メ Mona Lisa 100 Smilesモ at the Louvre museum.