IDEA magazine110

IDEA No.110
Published: 1972/1

Editor: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Don Weller

Don Weller
Kurt Haiman
Frank Biancalana
Graduation Works of the Vancouver School of Art
“Beyond Illustration – the Art of Playboy” by Arthur Paul
Jean-jacques morvan a realise 8 affiches pour les encres Brancher by G. Martina
Jon Guliner
MIT’s Graphic Design by Hiroshi Ohchi
Artists in Spite of Art by Ronald G. Garraher by Shigeo Fukuda
Japanese typographer by Kohei Miura
Yusaku Kamekura – His 20 years
Herb Lubalin answers questions by Japanese designers

Don Weller
Born in Washington. He was influenced by Seymor Chwast and Milton Glaser and decided to be a designer. After having the experiences at some design offices he became free-lance designer in 1966 and then established his own studio, Weller Institute for the Cure of Design. He designed advertising poster, catalogue, calender and annual report. Also parallel to his design business is his illustration career.