IDEA magazine121

IDEA No.121
Published: 1973/11

Editor: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Frieder Grindler

Frieder Grindler
Elements of Idea “Decoys” by Shigeo Fukuda
Arnold Saks, Inc.
Raúl L. Shakespear
Zdenek Ziegler
Acme Communications, Inc.
Visual Design of the Japan Sea Exhibition by Hiroshi Ohchi
American Gravestones: A Resurgence in interest. Text and photographs by Francis Duval and Ivan Rigby
International Design Cooperation by Dennis Redmond and Midori Imatake
The Art Directors Club’s 18th Annual Communications Conference by Shin-ichiro Tora
Kunio Shimizu’s Personal Exhibition
Graphic Image ’73 by Yusuke Nakahara
An interview with Georges Mathieu – the Role of the Art in the Contemporary Society by Georges Martina
Answers to Questions on IBM’s Recent Advertising Campaign
In an Interview with Arthur Paul by Akiko Hyuga

Frieder Grindler
Born in Berlin in 1941. Since 1966 he had been art director at Television Division of South German Broadcasting, Stuttgart. He began his cooperation with the Tübingen Chamber Theatre in 1968. Since then he has worked almost exclusively for cultural institutions. The phogography is, to him, the best means to represent the reality and at the same time that to objectify it. So he has done almost every work with photomontage technique.