IDEA magazine123

IDEA No.123
Published: 1974/3

Editor: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Art Director: Hiroshi Ohchi
Cover Design: Burton Kramer Associates

Burton Kramer Associates
Young Designers in Poland by Szymon Bojko
Wilson Mclean
The ICSID ’73 KYOTO by Hiroshi Ohchi
Albrecht Dozent’s Exhibition and Animated
Jerry Pinkney
French / Morgan / Thompson Group
Works selected by ADC of Tokyo, 1973
Book review “Collection of Milton Glaser’s Graphic Design”
Rinald Cutini and his works
Munematsu Satomi and his works
Christina Backman
Elements of ideas “Posters on the Street” by Shigeo Fukuda
Interdisciplinary Education at Pratt Institute by Midori Imatake
Environmental Graphics

Barton Kramer
Born in New York in 1932. He graduated from Royal College of Art. In 1967 he moved to Canada and set up his own studio, Kramer Design Associates Limited, Tront Canada. In 1978 he was assigned to be a professor teaching design and typograhy at Ontario College of Art. His experiences in Switzerland is reflected in his intellective design of the posters, magazines, trademarks and annual reports.