IDEA magazine127
The First Communications Exposition

IDEA No.127
Published: 1974/11

Cover Design: Herb Lubalin

The First Communications Exposition Shinichiro Tora
Lubalin Answers Yanow on XPO. 1
Nrberto Eduardo Berretta
Marie-Rose Lortet
Book Review “Fountains”
Sandro Bocola – A New Approach to Graphic Design Dr. Erika Billeter
Ronald Shakespear – The Outstanding Designer of Argentina Midori Imatake 86
The 34th Annual Exhibition of Art Culture Association
Works selected by ADC of Tokyo, 1974
Expo ’74 Spokane Celebrating Tomorrow’s Fresh New Environment Osamu Kayaba
Annegret Beier and Lubalin Delpire & Cie, Paris Herb Lubalin
The Waste-Print-Art, Takeo Yao Hideo Mukai
Elements of Idea “Décalcomanie” Shigeo Fukuda

Herb Lubalin
Born in New York in 1918 and graduated from the Cooper Union in 1939. As an editorial designer, he was responsible for the ‘Saturday Post,’ ‘Eros,’ ‘Pact’ and ‘Avant Garde.’ The magazine provided Lubalin with a consistent platform for his creative ideas. He was the editorial design director for the International Typeface Corporation’s promotional journal, ‘U&L’ which had a profound influence on type design and the type industry in the 70s and 80s. Died in 1981.