IDEA magazine136

IDEA No.136
Published: 1976/5

Cover Design:Miriam Wosk

Miriam Wosk Milton Glaser
Art Attack Takenobu Igarashi
George Jardie Akiko Hyuga
Anne Stienstra, GK Industrial Design Associates Midori Imatake
Push Pin Studios Opens New Media Art Gallery Shin’ichiro Tora
“Anamorphosis Exhibition,” Visual Game of Perspective Shigeo Fukuda, Shigeru Watano
Marcel Mariën John Lyle
T. Yokoo’s One-man Show Masanori Ohe
Yoshi Sekiguchi: 12 Years in the U. S. A.
New Typography in the Making Masahiko Kozuka
Dolmen Press Liam Miller
Basil Pao – A Young Designer from the West Coast of the United States
Works of Kyo Takahashi
Hall of Fame
Ad Directions ’75
Tony Meeuwissen
Literary Monument Designed by Kenji Itoh, Graphic Designer
Satoshi Kondo: Print Exhibition

Miriam Wosk
Born in Bancouver and graduated from University of British Columbia. She contributed her illustrations to many magazines such as ‘Esquire,’ ‘Madomoiselle,’ ‘New York Times.’ She is belong to Board of Directors Santa Monica Museum. She resides in Los Angels now.