IDEA magazine146
John Van Hamersveld

IDEA No.146
Published: 1978/1

Cover Design:Takenobu Igarashi

John Van Hamersveld Takenobu Igarashi
W. Weingart’s Typography Helmut Schumid
Interior & Applied Graphics for Pedestrian Subways, Heathrow Airport, London Midori Imatake
The visual identity for Erlangen City
Dick Bruna’s exhibition won popularity with the children Shigeru Watano
The Type Directors Club of New York’s 23rd exhibition Motoaki Okuizumi
Annual of Advertising Art in Japan ’77 Tamotsu Ejima
Frans Evenhuis’ Editorial Design for a Newspaper Shigeru Watano
The Design Education at UCLA Toshifumi Kawahara
’77 Greeting card
Calendar 1977
Illustrators in New York
Roger Huyssen
Robert Grossman
John O’Leary
Kim Whitesides
George Stavrinos
David Palladin
Tadashi Masuda, A Beauty Hunter Taro Yamamoto
Jean Larcher, who continues to unrestrainedly studying typography, and his two books Yukio Kanise

Takenobu Igarashi
Born in Hokkaido in 1944. After graduating from Tama Art University, moved to America. He graduated from graduate school of UCLA. In 1970 he established his own office, Igarashi Studio. Since 1975 he had had lecture in UCLA for a year. He has been engaged in the fields such as graphic, product and sculpture. His representative works are a series of disign of MoMA’s calender, CI of Calpis, Suntory and Meiji Dairies Cooporation.