IDEA magazine154
The Fiorucci Graphic Studio

IDEA No.154
Published: 1979/5

Cover Design:John McConnell

John McConnell Shigeru Watano
The Fiorucci Graphic Studio Harry Metzler and Naoko Nakayama
1979 Japan Calendar Kazumasa Nagai
Jimes Lienhart Yoshi Sekiguchi
Calligraphy by Ikko Tanaka Ryuichi Yamashiro
Graphics of GK Industrial Design Wim Crouwel
Karin Blume Shigeru Watano
Contemporary Packaging in Japan Koichi Nakai
Tsurunosuke Fujiyoshi’s Tableaux Nobuaki Yujobo
The Art Directors Club Hall of Fame laureates for 1978 Shinichiro Tora
The Meaning of “Exhibition of European Posters” Shigeo Fukuda
Expressions of Walls, Windows and Larrices / by Tadashi Masuda Teijiro Muramatsu

John McConnell
Born in London in 1939. He graduated from Maidstone College of Art. He entered advertising market in London in 1959. After working as a free-lance designer, he became business associate of Pentagram in 1974. His designed for the posters of Clarks and Face Inprint, Penguin Books.