IDEA magazine156
The Society of Illustrators Twenty-First Annual Exhibition

IDEA No.156
Published: 1979/9

Editor in chief: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Assistant Editor: Tadashi Hamada
Editorial Cooperation: Ohchi Design Office
Editorial Cooperation: Midori Imatake
Cover Design: Wolfgang Weingart

The Society of Illustrators Twenty-First Annual Exhibition by Eileen Hedy Schultz, Akiko Hyuga, Shinichiro Tora
John Casado by Dugald Stermer, Layout: Takenobu Imatake Design Institute
Kazumi Kutigami by Hiroshi Sano
The Citrus Crate Label in California by Marc Treib
Serial Typography by Helmut Schmid
Ray Barber & Type Design for “Saturday Night Fever” Layout: Imatake & Associates
Why poster? The collection of posters at Museum Library, Musashino Art University by Itsuo Ohkubo
Lions in London, Photo by Jessica Strang by Shigeru Watano
The 29th International Design Conference in Aspen on the theme of “Japan in Aspen” by Editor

Wolfgang Weingart
Born in 1941 in Germany, completed his typesetting apprenticeship in hand composition in 1963. He has taught typography at the Basel School of Design since 1968. For the last 30 years he has lectured and taught extensively in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He is represented in the permanent collections of museums and private galleries, and has received design awards from the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs. His experimental work in typography has influenced the course of design in the last decades of the twentieth century.