IDEA magazine157
David Hillman’s editorial design for Nova Magazine

IDEA No.157
Published: 1979/11

Editor in chief: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Assistant Editor: Tadashi Hamada
Editorial Cooperation: Ohchi Design Office
Editorial Cooperation: Midori Imatake
Cover Design: Jan Rajlich

David Hillman’s editorial design for Nova Magazine by Shigeru Watano
Design Works by Jan Rajlich by Shigeo Fukuda
Frances Jetter: A new force in American art by Charles Goslin
Philip Chiang by Takenobu Igarashi
“Box and Cox” by Katsu Kimura by Shigeo Fukuda
“Exhibition of Works by Chubu Graphic Illustrators” Held in New York
Yuzo Matsumoto by Shigeru Watano
Graphic Design Grand Scale: IBM Interiors
Reading the City: Maps, Images, and the Japanese Sense of Place by Marc Treib
Impressions of Japan by Don Weller
Changing Illustrator: Tadanori Yokoo by Akiko Hyuga
Aspen, Colorado, U.S.A. by Kiyoshi Awazu
Report on My Participation of the International Design Conference in Aspen by Kazumasa Nagai
Report on the International Design Conference in Aspen by Don Weller
Sign design in Japan by Ryuichi Hamaguchi

Jan Rajlich
Born in Czechoslovakia in 1920. From 1939 to ’44 he studied at the Skolaumeni, a private school of the well-known Beta’s concern in Zlin. Having changed several occupations he finally settled in Brno in 1950 as a free-lance designer and a painter. He has worked for a number of various clients such as artistic associations, cultural institutions and the former state enterprise for organising fairs and exhibitions and created the posters, logo and pictgram for them. He is often invited to participate as juryman in major international exhibitions, e.g. in Bologna, Brno, Paris, Warsaw, Vienna etc..