IDEA magazine159
Advertising Art of Shiseido Cosmetics

IDEA No.159
Published: 1980/3

Cover design: Kazuhiko Ohta
Cover photo: Bishin Jumonji
©1980 Seibundo Shinkosha
Editor in chief: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Editorial Director: Noboru Sakamoto
Publisher: Shigeo Ogawa
Editorial Cooperation: Ohchi Design Office
Editorial Cooperation: Midori Imatake
Printers: Mitsumura Printing Co., Ltd.
Printers: Nishiki Printing Co., Ltd.
Printers: Dainippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Table of Contents design: Yukio Kanise

Special feature: Advertising Art of Shiseido Cosmetics
Covers of the Periodical “Poland” by Jan Rajlich
Cato, Hibberd Design Pty Ltd. Layout: Imatake & Associates
Package Design 1979 Competition
Publication Design 14: Awards 1979
Andy Award Exhibition
Kyushu and Chubu Graphic Design Exhibition in Kumamoto 1979
Warren Chappell by Dr. Robert L. Leslie
New developmant of fruit gift package
Farmer John’s Farmer Genre by Marc Treib
Kenji Itoh’s One-Man Show
The 18th Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association Show
Anna Pugh by Shigeru Watano
Acrylic painting on canvas by Paul Davis

Kazuhiko Ohta
Born in Peking in 1946. After working at the publicity division of Shiseido, he became free-lance graphic designer. He received awards of Tokyo ADC, Asahi Advertising Award and International Triennial of Poster in Toyama. Recently He engages in book cover design and editorial design. Also he energetically works as a writer of Japanese classic movies, bar and travelling.