IDEA magazine166
Ikko Tanaka / World of Symbols

IDEA No.166
Published: 1981/5

Cover Design: Ikko Tanaka

Special feature: Ikko Tanaka / World of Symbols Motoo Nakanishi
Pierre Le-Tan Shigeru Watano
The ballets transformed by the three art of graphic designers Syuji Fujii
Hirokazu Hashimoto and his elaborate illustration Hideo Mukai
Tadanori Yokoo oneman sxhibition Shigesato Itoi
New York Art Directors Club, “Hall of Fame in 1980” Gene Federico, Otto Storch, Henry Wolf
Billboard Spectaculars Marc Treib
Seibu Lions design policy Gan Hosoya, Tadasu Fukano
Group Grapus Gérard Mermoz
The Corporate design for the Hotel New Carina
Ken Miki’s Creative Idiosyncrasy

Ikko Tanaka
Born in Nara in 1930 and graduated from Kyoto City School of Fine Arts in 1951. After working at The Nippon Design Center Inc. he became president of the Ikko Tanaka Design Studio in 1963. Since 1973, he has been active as the art director for the Seibu Saison Groupe. He recieved the Silver Prize of Warsaw International Poster Biennial, the Gold Prize of New York ADC,and many others. Died in 2002.