IDEA magazine168
Society of Illustrators 23rd Annual Exhibition

Cover Art Direction: Keisuke Nagatomo
Cover Illustration: Seitaro Kuroda
©1981 Seibundo Shinkosha
Editor in chief: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Editorial Director: Noboru Sakamoto
Publisher: Shigeo Ogawa
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Special feature: Society of Illustrators 23rd Annual Exhibition by Shinichiro Tora
Haruo Miyauchi’s One-man Exhibition by Kazumasa Nagai
Print Gallery, Amsterdam “Mail Art Project” by Shigeru Watano
Douglas Allen Doolittle
About the Jean Robert and Käti Durrer Studio in Zürich, Switzerland by Shigeru Watano
Portpia ’81 by The Editors of IDEA
Designer’s role in jewelry design by Midori Imatake
The Design Conference That Just Happens To Be In Park City
Three Illustrators in Californiz: Jim Evans, Tom Nikosey, Louis Scott by Toshifumi Kawahara
A book for seeing: Projekte Projects
Images by Leo Lionni
Japanese Graphic Idea Awards Exhibition ’81

Seitaro Kuroda
Born in Osaka in 1939. He entered Yoshio Hayakawa Design Office in 1961. He founded the design office, K2 with Hironori Nagatomo in 1969. Not only working as an illustrator but producing movie, planning of TV program and compering. Since 1990 he has designed the posters of One Korea Festival and the sticker of the radio station, FM802 in Osaka.