IDEA magazine170
Type Directors Club 27th Annual Exhibition

IDEA No.170
Published: 1982/1

Cover Illustration: Stephan Kantscheff
©1981 Seibundo Shinkosha
Editor in chief: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Editorial Director: Noboru Sakamoto
Publisher: Shigeo Ogawa
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Stephan Kantscheff / Bulgaria
Jim Heimann
Javques Poirier by Shigeru Watano
Jacques Richez traps colours behind drawing
Yôji Yamamoto, Art Director by Kazumasa Nagai
The Symbol Marks of Shigeo Katsuoka by Hideo Mukai
Lahti IV Poster Biennale bt U. G. Sato
Beyond Food, Clothing and Shelter / Design Forum ’81 Biennale by Shigeo Fukuda
The Japanese Graphic Idea Exhibition ’81 Held at Master Eagle Gallery, New York by Shinichiro Tora, Yoshihisa Ishihara, James Craig, Brenda Suler, Bob Cullinane, Diane Di Lauro, U. G. Sato
Special feature: Type Directors Club 27th Annual Exhibition by Bonita Hazelton, Stanley Markocki, Yasaburo Kuwayama, Motoaki Okuizumi

Stephan Kantscheff
Graphic Designer in Bulgaria. He designed for the posters of Bulgarian TV and Radio Broadcasting Committee, trademarks of institutes and offices, postage stamps, CI of publishing company and diploma of national institute. His design penetrated so deeply people’s way of life that they perceived as a part of people’s life. He played the important role as a pioneer of contemporary design in Bulgaria.