IDEA magazine172
Van Sambeek & Watano, 1966-1981

Cover Illustration: Murray Tinkelman
©1982 Seibundo Shinkosha
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Works of Richard Seireeni by Takenobu Igarashi
Terror of Being Afraid of Nothing: Kazuya Takaoka’s Art Direction by Shigesato Itoi
Bill Brown & Associates by Takenobu Igarashi
Works of Murray Tinkelman by Shinichiro Tora
Feature 1: Van Sambeek & Watano, 1966-1981 by Shigeru Watano, Will van Sambeek
Design Process, Olivetti 1908-1978 by Editors
The 19th APA Exhibition
Feature 2: Fred Otnes’s Collages by Shinichiro Tora
Ettore Sottasass Jr.
The story of a school by Dr. Robert L. Leslie
Marilyn Hoffner, New Yorker Art Director by Interviewer: Midori Imatake
Visual Design Art of 66th NIKA Exhibition
1981 Hamilton King Award
Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame

Murray Tinkelman
Born in Brooklyn New York in 1933. He studied at Cooper Union Art School and Brooklyn Art School. His love to Rodeo can be seen in the way of his illustration in which the delicacy of realistic crosshatch pen drawing and country mood around him are mixed up. He is also an expert of photograph and published the photo book about Rodeo. Currently he is a professor of Art at Syracuse University.