IDEA magazine189
Type Directors Club 30th Annual Exhibition

IDEA No.189
Published: 1985/3

Cover Illustration: Jacques N. Garamond
Table of Contents Design: Hiromi Nakata
©1985 Seibundo Shinkosha
Editor in chief: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Editorial Director: Kazuchika Sunaga
Publisher: Shigeo Ogawa
Editorial Cooperation: Ohchi Design Office
Editorial Cooperation: Midori Imatake
Printers: Nishiki Printing Co., Ltd.
Printers: Dainippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Printers: Mitsumura Printing Co., Ltd.

Pentagram Design on Madison Square by Colin Forbes, Midori Imatake, Yoshihisa Ishihara
The Human Body: A three dimensional study Designed by David Pelham by Shigeru Watano
A. M. Cassandre Exhibition 1901-1968 by Shigeru Watano
Typoposters by Jan Solpera by Jan Rajlich, Jan Solpera
Special Feature: Type Directors Club 30th Annual Exhibition by Tadasu Fukano, Shoyu Ohmachi
Report / Signages & Mural paintings in East Africa by Alastair Johnson
Jacques N. Garamond by Pierre Vincent
Great Editorial Director, Henry Wolf by Hideo Mukai, Kazumasa Nagai, Gan Hosoya
Typo-Eye New York Exhibition by Shinichiro Tora
Art Against War Exhibition by Shinichiro Tora
Wood Package Committee Exhibition by Kozo Okada
Works of Masaaki Izumiya: Which Combines Material and Mind by Hideo Mukai
A Straight Road, Makoto Saitoh by Yusaku Kamekura
Poster Contest for Conservation of Natural Environment in Africa by Takenobu Igarashi
Curtis Knapp by Curtis Knapp
Tsuneo Taniuchi by Toshihiro Katayama
Visual Circus Lesson 6 by Shigeo Fukuda

Jacques N. Garamond
Born in Paris in 1910. Graphic artist, designer, painter, professor, lead in the same time some various activities: commercial creativity, visual communication and free Art: painting, engraving. He is founder of Alliance Graphique Internationale(A.G.I). His works had been reguraly reproduced in the most important international magazines of Graphic Art. Died in 2001.