IDEA magazine191
Louis Fishauf and a New Wave Carol Stevens

IDEA No.191
Published: 1985/7

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Louis Fishauf and a New Wave by Carol Stevens
Blair Drawson: Canadian Ukiyoe-Illustrator which reminds us of Japanese Wood-cut-printer in Edo era
Latest Works of Helene Majera by François Vie
Carin Goldberg: Artist-Designer od Refreshing Eclectism by Gail Rigelhaupt, Carin Goldberg
Visual Circus ’85 Latest Works with Visual Trick by Shigeo Fukuda by Shigeo Fukuda
Seven by Hiroshi Nakahara
Illustrations by Daniel Jan by Shigeru Watano
The Art Directors Club “Hall of Fame 1984” by Charles Eames, Wallace Elton, Sam Scali. Louis Silverstein
International Design Symposium ’85 by Midori Imatake, George Nelson
New Trend in Photography as Observed at Tsukuba Museum of photography ’85 by Yoshiro Nakamura
Post Modern Colour: New Furniture Exhibition
Special Feature: ’85 Graduation Works of Graphic Design Students
Visual Design Art of 69th Nika Exhibition by Yoshihisa Ishihara
The 45th Annual Exhibition of Art Culture Association
Exhibition News, Book Review
Domestic News
Overseas News, Addressed of Contributors