IDEA magazine196
Stylistic Artists from Reactor Art & Design

IDEA No.196
Published: 1986/5

Cover Design: Miro Malish
Table of Contents Design: Hiromi Nakata
©1986 Seibundo Shinkosha
Editor in chief: Fumio Sudoh
Editorial Director: Hisao Matsumoto
Publisher: Shigeo Ogawa
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[Special Feature] Stylistic Artists from Reactor Art & Design, Miro Malish, George Whiteside, Rene Zamic, Jeff Jackson by Globe & Mail
Gustavo Pedroza in Argentina by Gustzvo Pedroza
John Waters Associates by David B. Konigsberg
Christoph Radl: A Young Cosmopolitan Designer in Milan by Shigeru Watano
Jean Larcher, French Calligrapher by Jean Larcher
“FACES” by Paul Davis by Paul Davis
Paper Power’s “Pop-up” Greeting Cards by Lyn Hourahine
Art Chantry: A Young Experimental Designer in Seattle by Art Chantry
Francisco Simon & Spanish Passions by Shigeru Watano
Exhibition Creation in The Soviet Union by Jan Rajlich
Operation, Retouch and Education –A Promising Artist, Hideki Mitsui by Mitsuo Katsui
Westinghouse – New Thoughts on Corporate Graphic Design by Jan Maczka / Midori Imatake
Exhibition of Impressive Words – Poemgraphic by Takahisa Kamijo / Akimasa Nagata
New Year’s Card and Designer – Their Expression by Kazumasa Nagai
Animals Which Govern Us by Grandes Gueules Internationales
Portraits of Eiichiro Sakata who Calculates with Intuition by Hideo Mukai
Overseas News, Addresses of Contributors
Domestic News
Design Criticism “Thought & Ideas”
Book Review
Exhibition News

Miro Malish
Born in Czechoslovakia in 1944. He attended Bratislava School of Ceramics, as well as two-year apprenticeship in graphic printing in Blatislava, Czechoslovakia. In 1968 he emigrated to Canada. He held a number of solo and group exhibitions in Canada. He contributed his illustrations to many magazines such as ‘Canadian Business,’ ‘Communication Arts Annual,’ ‘Saturday Night,’ ‘Esquire,’ ‘Rolling Stones’ and so on.