IDEA magazine197
Enzo Messi & Urs Schimidt

IDEA No.197
Published: 1986/7

Cover Design: Enzo Messi, Urs Schmidt, Francois Rappo
©1986 Seibundo Shinkosha
Editor in chief: Fumio Sudoh
Editorial Director: Yoshihisa Ishihara
Publisher: Shigeo Ogawa
Editorial Cooperation: Ohchi Design Office
Editorial Cooperation: Midori Imatake
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Enzo Messi & Urs Schimidt by Enzo Messi, Urs Schmidt, Francois Rappo
Issac Victor Kerlow and “The Maya Series” by Issac Victor Kerlow
Tadashi Sato: World of Digital Typography by Kazumasa Nagai
The Best of the 80s Exhibition by Paul Haslip
Illustrator’s Interpretations Exhibition – Exhibition of Original Paintings for Hotel Barmen’s Association Calendar 1979-1986 by Shinichiro Tora
Carol Gillot: Medical Computer Animated Illustration by Shinichiro Tora
Daniel Weil and “The New Design” by John Thackara
A Tribute to the Memory of Hiromu Hara by Yusaku Kamekura, Ikko Tanaka, Kazumasa Nagai, Helmut Schmid, Keisuke Konishi, Aaron Burns
David McGlynn’s multiple-frame “Composite Panoramas” by Tetsuro Hatano
Bridging the Modern Design to the 21st Century – Nancy Skolos by Christine Gebhard
AGI ’85: California U.S.A. by Takenobu Igarashi
Book Review: Mastering Layout – Mike Stevens
Special Feature: ’86 Graduation Works of Graphic Design Students
70th NIKA Exhibition, Commemorating 35th Aniversary of Visual Design Exhibition
The 46th Annual Exhibition of Art Culture Association
Overseas News, Addresses of Contributors
Domestic News
Design Criticism
Book Review
Exhibition News

Enzo Messi+Urs Schmidt
Enzo Messi was born in Lugano in 1957. He graduated from the school of art, Lausanne where he studied graphic design in 1981. Urs Schmidt was born in Basel in 1958. he graduated from School of Visual Arts, New York in 1980. After they graduated they started an illustration and design studio with Urs Schmidt in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1981. Their illustrations were made from their collaboration.